Grau Chicken for Puppies

Grau Chicken for Puppies
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Natural, fresh and full flavour - Premium balanced food for dogs

The dry complete foods from grau are designed to accompany a dog during the whole of its life

and to provide optimal and appropriate nutrition according to its stage of life, activity, needs or taste preferences.

It is particularly important for your puppy that it is supplied with all the necessary nutrients. 

Fresh poultry will provide your pup with all the necessary nutrients until the end of the growth phase and give it the energy it needs to grow big and strong.

 The whole grain rice it contains is also full of high-quality carbohydrates and fiber and ensures the right level of satiety. 

On top of that, there are mannans and glucans to stabilize the intestinal flora and immune system. So nothing stands in the way of you and your little whirlwind discovering the world together!


25% fresh poultry, rice, brown rice, lamb protein (dried), rice flour, greaves (dried), poultry protein (dried), poultry fat, protein hydrolyzate, dried beet pulp, peas (dried), linseed, rice protein, fish oil, yeast (dried, incl. mannanoligosaccharides , beta-glucans), colostrum, minerals, green-lipped mussels (dried), chicory (dried)

analytical components

Crude protein 24.5%, fat content 12.5%, crude fiber 2.5%, crude ash 7.6%, calcium 1.4% and phosphorus 1.0%

Nutritional additives/kg

Vitamin A 15000 IU, vitamin D3 1200 IU, vitamin E 400 mg, zinc (zinc oxide) 90 mg, iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous) 2 mg, selenium (sodium selenite) 0.2 mg, copper (copper (II) sulphate, pentahydrate ) 10 mg, zinc (amino acid zinc chelate, hydrate) 45 mg

Technological additives:

Tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils

The table below shows the ideal final weight for an adult dog. Based on the current age, the number of grams is given with the ideal final weight.

months > 2 3 4 5-7 8-12
5kg 85g 100 g 110g 110g 105g
10kg 130g 165g 180g 185g 180g
15kg 170g 220g 245g 250 g 245g
20kg 200 g 270g 300g 310g 305g
30kg 265g 360g 400g 420g 415g
40kg 315g 435g 490g 520g 520g
60kg 385g 545g 635g 700g 705g
80kg 415g 630g 755g 870g 875g

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