Feelwells Intestinal Hygiene Control 50ml

Feelwells Intestinal Hygiene Control 50ml
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A gentle herbal preparation made from 100% natural ingredients, used and trusted for hundreds of years, and tolerated by even the most sensitive animals.

It will not adversely affect the protective natural gut flora.

Historically, animals were able to roam freely and forage from their habitat, self selecting what was needed to support various aspects of their health, including that of the gut.

The combination of herbal and homeopathic ingredients in our Intestinal Hygiene Control, fed on at least one day each month, helps create subtle changes within the gut and acts as a replacement to natural foraging.

A variety of reasons are causing many pet owners to take a more natural approach to animal welfare.

If you have any concerns about your pet, always consult a qualified Veterinarian for advice.

Use all year round on a monthly basis to maintain long term, continuous, yet gentle and effective protection.

Returning Customers:

Due to regulatory requirements, Feelwells Natural Wo***** Product is now described as an ‘Intestinal Hygiene Control’ product.

Please be assured that the formulation of this product has not been altered in any way.

50ml bottle

Feeding rate = 1ml once per month.

May be given to bitches in whelp & cats in kitten. Poultry, Puppies, Cats & Rabbits 0.5ml once per month Kittens 0.25ml once per month May be fed daily if required, or at reduced intervals if preferred.

Liquid tincture in 50ml bottle with pipette – Administer using the pipette supplied, directly into the mouth, or by mixing with food, drink or treats.

Please note: Strict EU guidelines, governed in the UK by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, restrict the use of words and information that may portray a product as a registered medicine.

In order to comply with these regulations we have had to change the wording on our website.

Tincture prepared using Organic Cider Vinegar Herbal content –

Hibiscus, Thyme, Ginger Root, Cloves, natural salts, organic Bitter Apple

Homeopathic content – Filix-mas 12x, Cina 12x, Ferrum-met 12x, Sulphur 30, Abrotanium 12x, Teucrium-mar 12x

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