Seaweed Powder

Seaweed Powder
Seaweed PowderSeaweed PowderSeaweed PowderSeaweed Powder
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Model:  Seaweed200g
Part Number:  2005
Brand:  Grau


Accentuation of the natural colour (light, dark, tricolor, etc.)
The colour of the coat and the clear accentuation of the nasal plane, upper lips and eye rims are an important breed characteristic. Seaweed powder supports all natural pigmentation.

Product properties:

  • supports ALL natural pigmentation from white to black
  • also emphasizes tricolour colouring
  • contains 380 mg/kg iodine
  • ensures a thick and glossy coat

Seaweed powder derived from the seaweed "Ascophyllum nodosum" is a high-quality natural product without any further additives.

It distinguishes itself by its high content of valuable amino acids (protein building blocks), vitamins and minerals.

These natural ingredients ensure that the appearance of the individual, breed-specific coat colour is presented in the best way and the coat becomes silky and thick.

Through the use of this additional supply of important building blocks to complement an optimal nutrition, a dog obtains the splendid appearance with his typical, accentuated coat markings.

Seaweed naturally contains a high level of iodine.

Iodine is indispensable for an optimal thyroid function.


dried fresh seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum)

Analytical ingredients:

crude protein 6.8 %, crude oils and fats 3.2 %, crude fibre 8.2 %, crude ash 24.8 %, moisture 8.9 %

Directions for use:

small and young dogs 1/2 teaspoon daily
large dogs 1 teaspoon daily

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