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Model:  carotene200g
Part Number:  2102
Brand:  Grau


For red/brown pigmentation
The colour of the coat and the clear accentuation of the nasal plane, upper lips and eye rims are an important breed characteristic. Carotene supports the reddish brown pigmentation.

Product properties:

supports the reddish brown pigmentation
intensive colour impression due to stored carrot pigment
high bioavailability
This natural product is made out of 100 % organic carrots and contains a very high percentage of provitamin A (beta-carotene).

This beta-carotene is responsible for the reddish colour of skin and coat and thus the perfect solution for breeds with a red coat.

Ingredients: Organic carrots (100 %, dried, as granules)

Analytical ingredients: crude protein 8.8 %, crude fat 1.8 %

Directions for use:

puppies 1 teaspoon daily

adult dogs 1 tablespoon daily

Simply soak the granules in slightly warm water and add it to the daily food.

After about 2 weeks you will be able to see the colour becoming more intense.

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